The Price Faculty of Engineering offers Master of Science, Master of Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy graduate degree programs through its four departments: Biosystems, Civil, Electrical & Computer, and Mechanical Engineering. The Biomedical Engineering department offers Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and MD-PhD programs. This department houses an interdisciplinary program between the three faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Science, and associated hospitals and medical industries. Each department is well-equipped with research and teaching laboratories, and offers both experimental, and theoretical graduate programs. Some research is also done in collaboration with industry or research centres across Canada.

The Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba is Western-Canada’s oldest engineering school and is recognized internationally for its research achievements in Biosystems, Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The Faculty is presently home to several Canada Research and Industrial Research Chairs, sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and private industry. The Faculty is the headquarters of The Centre for Structural Innovation and Monitoring Technologies Inc. (SIMTReC) and participates in National Networks of Centres of Excellence.

Whether building better bridges and roads or growing crystals in a space shuttle flight, expertise within the Price Faculty of Engineering is available to meet any challenge. Faculty members collaborate with organizations, major manufacturers and utilities, and all levels of government. Research within the Faculty generates external funding support from private and public corporations and government sources amounting to approximately $15 million per year.