Bertram Unger

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Biomedical Engineeirng
Biomedical Instrumentation
computer-controlled cyanosis modelling, medical simulation
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Dr. Unger is currently engaged in a variety of research pursuits in addition to his clinical practice in Critical Care. His research interests and associated on-going projects in medical simulation include:

Application of engineering solutions to problems in immersive medical simulations

Computer-controlled cyanosis modelling for robotic mannequins
Projected cues during central catheter placement
Virtual world environments for immersive medical simulation and rehearsal

Measuring motion and force during medical and surgical procedures for use as process measures in education

Validation an evaluation of immersive medical simulations the following ongoing projects

Does suspension of disbelief influence learning in immersive simulations?
Does delaying debriefing after immersive simulation affect educational outcomes?

Evaluation of the psychomotor and cognitive aspects of laparoscopic skills training

Investigating hand kinetics and kinematics during laparoscopic training
Can we train laparoscopic surgeons with video games?

Development and validation of haptic models for skills training

Validation of a virtual reality haptic temporal bone dissection simulator - a collaboration with Ohio State University and the Department of Otolaryngology
Mixed-reality haptic simulation for complex anatomical structure

He also has an interest in robotics and engineering solutions to clinical problems in medicine, surgery and critical care. This includes an interest in virtual operative rehearsal, robot-assisted and remote teleoperated surgery, and telemedicine.

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