Eric Bibeau

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Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mechanics and Design, Thermofluids and Energy Systems
Kinetic turbines, biomass, wind turbine iceing, plug-in electric vehicles, district Energy Systems
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Perform research and development in alternative energy technologies using numerical modelling and experimental facilities. Research focus is in the area of understanding and predicting icing on wind turbine blades; modelling and development of high velocity kinetic turbines; developing a numerical model for a swine anaerobic digester and developing a low cost lagoon-type digester for cold climates, and biomass conversion technologies for distributed power generation. Current research activities include:

- Wind Icing: perform experimental investigation in icing tunnel using PIC and force balance to understand the mechanism of icing on wind turbine blades; determine ways to mitigate the icing issues using scale models of wind turbines.

- Kinetic Turbines: develop numerical models to predict the behaviour of high kinetic turbine; use experimental data from water tunnel to validate model; use numerical tools to develop low cost kinetic turbine for velocities above 3 m/s.

- Anaerobic Digesters: develop numerical anaerobic digester model to predict the flow and digestion of swine manures to maximize higher heating value of biogas for cold weather applications.

- Lug-in Hybrid Vehicles: developing simulator of alternative energy vehicles to predict component behaviour and system performance and retrofit systems to convert vehicles to PHEV

- Distributed biopower systems: developed with collaborator two new distributed power technologies to significantly reduce size and cost of distributed biopower and heat recovery of systems for application below 5 MWe. Focus is on integrating heat and power application as part of overall design. Investigating the use of biopower to remove phosphor from Lake Winnipeg by harvesting cattails.

- Optimization of Distributed Renewable Energy Systems: A crucial aspect of renewable energy systems is the integration of low density renewable energy sources and the optimal utilization of conversion and storage technologies.

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