Malcolm Xing

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Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Biomaterials, Biomedical and Electrical Biosensors, Sensors, Micro- Nano- Electronic Materials and Devices, Materials Science and Engineering, Thermofluids and Energy Systems, New Materials and Manufacturing Technologies
Biomaterials, Nanomedicine, Tissue Engineering, 3D Bioprinting, Nanoenergy, Biosensor
Master Student position, PhD Student position, Post Doctoral position

Science within no boundary! All fields are welcome if you can immerse yourself into a project by working hard on a hard work aimed to contribute your talent to our society by alleviating patients' pain in diseases. Our highly interdisciplinary team is composed of chemical/mechanical/electrical engineers, polymer chemists, cellular biologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons,dentists,orthopedicians, and dermatologists. The one common nature in our lab is how to make unique thing using biomaterials and nanotechnology.
Currently, we have 4 PhD positions open with financial aids from funding with priority for the students with background in one of the following:
(1) robot, (2) wireless signalling, (3) polymer chemistry or physics or chemistry and (4) mathematics.

Dr. Xing’s research focuses on the development of nanotechnology and biomaterials for tissue engineering and nanomedicine and biosensor/energy device. His current research projects include (1) the establishment of 3-D nano-materials and stem cells for the reconstruction of skin, bone, cardiovascular graft; (2) design of nanoparticles for tumor therapy; (3) synthesizing and optimizing 3D bioprinting polymers; and (4) design of biosensors (e-skin, artificial muscle,nano-robot) and nano-energy devices.

Selected recent publications of 2014-2016 in peer-reviewed journals (*, corresponding author, IF: impact factor)
1. Yuqing Liu, Kaige Xu, Qiang Chang, Darabi Ali, Bojie Lin, Zhong Wen, Malcolm, Xing*, Highly flexible and resilient elastin hybrid cryogels with shape memory, injectability, conductivity and magnetic responsive properties, Advanced Materials, 2016 (IF=17.4)
2. Shiwen zhang, Zhang, Guo Yuchen, Dong Yuliang, Wu Yunshu, Cheng Lei, Wang Yongyue, Malcolm* Xing, Quan Yuan*, A Novel Nanosilver/Nanosilica Hydrogel for Bone Regeneration in Infected Bone Defects, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016 (IF=6.7)
3. Yunlong Li, Quan Wang, Malcolm Xing,Molecular Dynamics Simulations of tribology properties of NBR (Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber) /carbon nanotubes composites, Composites Part B, 2016 (IF=3).
4.Leyu Wang, Junzi Jiang, Wenxi Hua, Ali Darabit, Xiaoping Song, Wen Zhong, Malcolm Xing*, Xiaozhong. Qiu*,Mussel-Inspired Conductive Cryogel as Cardiac Tissue Patch to Repair Myocardial Infarction by the Migration of the Conductive Nanoparticles, Advanced Functional Materials, 2016 (IF=11.8)
5. Hai Zhuang, Shoushan Bu, Hua Lei, Mohammad Darabi, Xiaojian Cao, Malcolm Xing*, Gelatin-methacrylamide gel loaded with microspheres to deliver GDNF in bilayer collagen conduit promoting sciatic nerve growth, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2016 (IF=4.3)
6. Bojie Lin, Yong Miao, Jin Wang, Zhexiang Fan, Lijuan Du, Yongsheng Su, Bingcheng Liu, Zhiqi Hu, Malcolm Xing*,Surface Tension Guided Hanging-Drop: Producing Controllable 3D Spheroid of High-Passaged Human Dermal Papilla Cells and Forming Inductive Microtissues For Hair-follicle Regeneration,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,2016 (IF=6.7)
7.Yuzhen Wang, Zhiqiang Chen, Gaoxing Luo, Weifeng He, Kaige Xu, Rui Xu, Qiang Lei, Jianglin Tan, Jun Wu, Malcolm Xing*,In-situ Generated Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Loaded Microspheres in Mussel-inspired Polycaprolactone Nanosheets Creating Spatiotemporal Releasing Microenvironment to Promote Wound Healing and Angiogenesis, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,2016 (IF=6.7)
8.Lili Sang, Yuqing Liu, Wenxi Hua, Kaige Xu, Guobao Wang, Wen Zhong, Leyu Wang, Shuchai Xu, Xing Malcolm*, Qiu Xiaozhong*,Thermal-sensitive conductive hydrogel using amphiphilic crosslinker self-assembled carbon nanotube to enhance neurite outgrowth and promote spinal cord regeneration, RSC Advances, 2016 (IF=3.8)
9. Bojie Lin, Jin Wang, Yong Miao, Yuqing Liu, Wei Jiang, Mohammad-Ali Darabi, Zhiqi Hu, Malcolm Xing*, Cytokine Loaded Layer-by-Layer Ultrathin Matrices to Deliver Single Dermal Papilla Cell for Spot-by-Spot Hair Follicle Regeneration, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2016 (IF=4.7

10. Yao B, Gui Y, Worden M, Hegmann T, Xing M, Chen X, Lu W, Wroczynskyj Y, van Lierop J, Hu C, Quantifying the complex permittivity and permeability of magnetic nanoparticles, Applied Physical Letters, 2015,06, 142406. (IF=3.5)
11. Tian Y, Kong Y, Ge L, Wu J, Ko A, Xing M*, Light- and pH- activated intracellular drug release from polymeric mesoporous silica nanoparticles, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2015, 134, 147-155. (IF=4.15)
12. Ge L, Li Q, Z. Liu, Zhong W, Huang Y, Xing M* , An encapusulation of nondegradable polystyrene and degradable gelatin in core-sheath nanofibrous patch for pelvic reconstruction, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2015,10, 3193—3201. (IF=4.38)
13. Aleassa E, Xing M, Keizjer R, Nanomedicine as an innovative therapeutic strategy for paediatric cancer, Pediatric Surgery International, 2015, 31, 611-616. (IF=1.1)
14. Wan W, Zhang S, Ge L, Li Q, Fang X, Yuan Q, Zhong W, Ouyang J, Xing M*, Layer-by-layer paper-stacking nanofibrous membranes to deliver adipose-derived stem cells for bone regeneration, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2015,10, 1273—1290. (IF=4.38)
15. Wan W, Li Q, H Gao, L Ge, Y Liu, J Ouyang, Xing M* , BMSCs laden injectable amino-diethoxypropane modified alginate-chitosan hydrogel for hyaline cartilage reconstruction, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015, 3, 1990 – 2005. (IF=4.7)
16. Li W, Guan T, Zhang X, Wang Z, Wang M, Zhong W, Xing M*, Kong J, The effect of layer-by-layer assembly coating on the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015,7, 3018–3029. (IF=6.7)
17. Wang G, Zhao T, Song X, Zhong W,Yu L, Hua W, Xing M*, Qiu X, A 3-D multicellular tumor spheroid on ultrathin matrix coated single cancer cells provides a tumor microenvironment model to study epithelial-to-mesenchymal transitions, Polymer Chemistry, 2015, 6,283-293. (IF=5.5)
18. Chang Q, Gao H, Ge L, Zhong W, Lu F, Xing M* ,Injectable aldehyded 1-amino-3, 3-diethoxy-propane hyaluronic acid-chitosan hydrogels as carrier of adipose derived stem cells to enhance angiogenesis and promote skin regeneration, Journal of Materials Chemistry B,2015, 3, 4503 – 4513. (IF=4.7)
19. Li Q, Ge L,Wan W, Jiang J, Zhong W, Ouyang J, Xing M, Magnetically Guided Fabrication of Multilayered Iron Oxide/Polycaprolactone/Gelatin Nanofibrous Structures for Tissue Engineering and Theranostic Application, Tissue Engineering Part C, 2015, doi:10.1089/ten.tec.2015.0051. (IF=4.4)
20. Chen S, Shi J,Xu X,Ding J, Zhong W, Zhang L(u), Xing M*, Zhang L(in), Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces,2015, doi:10.1016/j.colsurfb.2015.08.041.(IF=4.15)
21. Shixuan Chen, Junbin Shi, Min Zhan, Yinghua Chen, Xueer Wang , Lei Zhang, Zhihui Tian , Yuan Yan , Qinglin Li , Wen Zhong , Malcolm Xing*, Lu Zhang, Lin Zhang, Mesenchymal stem cell-laden anti-inflammatory hydrogel enhances diabetic wound healing, Scientific Reports, 2015.
22.Mohammad Darabi, Ali Khosrozadeh, Quan Wang, Malcolm Xing*, Gum Sensor: A Stretchable, Wearable, and Foldable Sensor based on Carbon Nanotube/Chewing Gum Membrane, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, accept (IF=6.7)
23. Huanrong Ma, yuqing Liu, Min Shi, Xuebing shao, Wen Zhong, Wangjun Liao, Malcolm Xing*, Theranostic pH responsive doxorubicin loaded nanoparticles inducing active targeting and apoptosis for advanced gastric cancer, Biomacromolecules, 2015 (IF=5.8)
24. Wang G, Zhao T, Wang L, Hu B, Darabi A, Lin J, Xing M*, Qiu X, Studying different binding and intracellular delivery efficiency of ssDNA -single-walled carbon nanotube and their effects on LC3-related autophagy in renal mesangial cells via miRNA-382, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.5b07185. (IF=6.7)
25. Zhou M, Liu S, Jiang Y, Ma H, Shi M,Wang Q, Zhong W, Liao W, Xing M*, Doxorubicin-loaded Single Wall Nanotube Thermo-sensitive Hydrogel for Gastric Cancer Chemo-photothermal Therapy, Advanced Functional Materials,
(accepted as " very important and very urgent"), 2015,25,4730-4739. (IF=11.8)
26. Khosrozadeh A , Darabi M, Xing M*, Wang Q, Flexible cellulose-based films of polyaniline-graphene-silver nanowire for high-performance supercapacitors,ASME Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine, 2015,6, 011005.
27. Chen S, Zhang M, Shao X, Wang X, Zhang L, Xu P,Zhong W, Zhang L(u), Xing M*, Zhang L (in), A laminin mimetic peptide SIKVAV-conjugated chitosan hydrogel promoting wound healing by enhancing angiogenesis, re-epithelialization and collagen deposition, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015,3,6798-6804. (IF=4.7)
28. Xiao X, Yu L, Dong Z, Mbelek R, Xu K, Chen L, Zhong W, Lu F, Xing M*, Adipose stem cell- laden injectable thermosensitive hydrogel reconstructing the depressed defect in rats: filler and scaffold, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015, 3, 5635-5644. (IF=4.7)
29. Jiang J, Wan W, Ge L, Bu S, Zhong W, Xing M*, Mussel-inspired nanofibrous sheet for suture-less surgery in stomach incision, Chemical Communications, 2015, 51, 8695-8698. ( IF=6.8)
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35. Khosrozadeh A , Xing M*, Wang Q, A high-capacitance solid-state supercapacitor based on free-standing film of polyaniline and carbon particles, Applied Energy, 2014, doi:10.1016/j.apenergy.2014.08.046 (IF=5.6)
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40. Liu S, Ko A, Li W, Zhong W, Xing M*, NIR initiated and pH sensitive single-wall carbon nanotubes for doxorubicin intracellular delivery, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2014, 2, 1125-1135. ( Most downloaded paper of JMCB in 2014) (IF=6.6)
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