Masoud Asadzadeh

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Dr. Asadzadeh is an assistant professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Manitoba and his work has centered around multi-objective analysis water resources systems. Before joining UofM, Dr. Asadzadeh was a post-doctoral fellow in Environment Canada and conducted research on modelling watershed-derived water quality for inflows to Lake Ontario. Dr. Asadzadeh holds a PhD degree in water resources engineering from University of Waterloo where he had a significant contribution in a series of research projects that led to the optimal design of a new operation plan for Lake Superior. He has developed an efficient multu-objective optimization algorithm called PA-DDS.

Civil Engineering
Environmental engineering, Water Resources
Watershed Modelling, Model Calibration, River-Reservoir System Analysis and Optimal Operation Design, Water Distribution System Analysis and Optimal Design, Heuristic Optimization Algorithm Development and Testing, High Performance Computing and its Application in Water Resources Engineering
Master Student position

I am looking for highly talented students who are looking for pursuing an MSc degree or collaborating in summer research projects in Civil Engineering/Water Resources. Areas of interest include reservoir operation, watershed modelling and calibration, and water distribution networks. Applicants must have strong background in water resources and have good computer programming skills. Knowledge in parallel computing and advanced plotting tools in MATLAB (or any other languages) is an asset.

Dr. Asadzadeh performs research into the simulation, analysis and design of water resources and environmental engineering systems. He has developed efficient and parsimonious tools for solving single- and multi-objective optimization problems and applied them to a range of water resources and environmental engineering problems including the optimal operation of the Great Lakes of North America, calibration of hydrologic models, and calibration and design of water distribution systems.

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