Ramanathan Sri Ranjan

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Research and teaching in the areas of irrigation, drainage, on-farm water management, soil and water remediation, nutrient management, computer modelling of water and chemical movement in soils.

Biosystems Engineering
Soil and Water Engineering, Agriculture and the Environment, Sensors
Irrigation, Drainage, Water Management, Flow and contaminant transport through porous media, soil and water remediation
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Exceptional students will be considered.

Integrated drainage/subirrigation systems for sustainable water management:

Overhead irrigation, subirrigation, controlled drainage, and free drainage are being evaluated in corn and potatoes for developing design and operation standards for the Prairies.

Time-domain Reflectometry applications in rootzone water uptake studies:

The TDR has been successfully interfaced with the computer for data acquisition and curve analysis. Mini-TDR probes have been built and calibrated to monitor the water uptake patterns within the root zone of corn and potatoes.

Application of HYDRUS to water management of crops.

Field data has been used to calibrate and validate the HYDRUS model under Prairie conditions. The validated model could be used to run simulations under different weather conditions.

Evaluation of electromagnetic methods for the detection of nutrients near livestock operations:

EM-38 meter is being evaluated to monitor nutrient content near livestock operations. This will help in the early detection of potential problems and thereby minimize the chances of groundwater contamination from confined livestock areas.

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