Shawn Clark

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Civil Engineering
Water Resources
River ice engineering, field work, hydraulic structures, numerical modeling
Master Student position, PhD Student position

I am often looking for highly motivated, bright, enthusiastic students to join our research group. If you have excellent communication skills, a passion for water resources engineering, the ability to show initiative and problem solve, as well as a love of the outdoors (including during winter!) or laboratory environment you may want to consider sending an application to:

My research focuses on river ice engineering and involves a combination of field work, laboratory experiments, and numerical modelling.

Recent Journal Publications:

McFarlane, V., Clark, S.P. 2021. A detailed energy budget analysis of river supercooling and the importance of accurately quantifying net radiation to predict ice formation. Journal of Hydrology.

Nyantekyi-Kwakye, B., Essel, E.E., Dow, K., Clark, S.P., Tachie, M.F. 2020. Hydraulic and Turbulent flow characteristics beneath a simulated partial ice-cover. Journal of Hydraulic Research.

Wazney, L., Clark, S.P., Malenchak, J., Knack, I., Shen, H.T. 2019. Numerical simulation of river ice cover formation and consolidation at freeze-up. J. Cold Regions Science and Technology. 168, 1-11.

Wazney, L., Clark, S.P., Malenchak, J. 2019. Effects of freeze-up consolidation event surges on river hydraulics and ice dynamics on the Lower Dauphin River. J. Cold Regions Science and Technology. 158: 264-274.

Wazney, L., Clark, S.P., Wall, A.J. 2018. Field monitoring of secondary consolidation events and ice cover progression during freeze-up on the Lower Dauphin River, Manitoba. J. Cold Regions Science and Technology. 148: 159-171.

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