Wen Zhong

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Dr. Wen Zhong has been focusing on the application of nanotechnology in biomaterials since she joined the University of Manitoba in 2005. Specifically, she conducts research on 1) multifunctional nanofibers for wound care and tissue engineering; 2) nano-carriers for therapeutic agents (e.g. anticancer drugs, antibacterial agents); 3) Transport in nanofibrous materials. Her research has been support by NSERC, CFI, MHRC and NSF China.

Biomedical Engineering, Biosystems Engineering
Biomaterials, Materials Science and Engineering
Nanofibers/nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery, functional nanofibers for biomedical and uses, trans-dermal drug delivery, transport behaviour of fibrous/biomedical materials, biodegradable polymers
Master Student position, PhD Student position

Requirements: MSc (BS if applying for MS program) in Material Science/Engineering/ (bio)chemistry /biomedical or related disciplines. Interest and/or experience in one or more of the following areas: electrospinning, nanofibrous materials, targeted drug delivery, biodegradable membrane/structures.

Contact Dr. Wen Zhong with CV, research statement, sample publications, names and contact of three references.

Biomedical engineering in drug delivery.

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