Greg Bridges

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Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering which I joined in 1989. Am a P.Eng.(Manitoba) and a senior member of IEEE. Am principal investigator of the Advanced RF Systems Lab of the National Microelectronics and Photonics Testing Collaboratory ( ). Research focus is in the area of applied electromagnetics.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biomedical and Electrical Biosensors, Sensors, Applied Electromagnetics, Micro- Nano- Electronic Materials and Devices
Wireless sensors, Bio-microfluidic devices for single cell dielectric spectroscopy, Microwave nano-probe instrumentation, Microwave negative refractive index media, Electromagnetic transmission line theory
PhD Student position

Currently research positions are available in the areas of: wireless sensors, bio-microfluidic devices, NRI materials

Development of wireless embeddable sensors for remote pH and temperature monitoring in chemical and biological applications; investigating integrated microfluidic-high frequency electronic sensors for detecting nanoparticles and single biological cells in fluidic suspension and measuring their dielectric properties; studying the application of nanosecond pulsed fields in single cell spectroscopy and electroporation; developing Maxwell’s equation based formulas for modeling transients on overhead lines and underground cables; developing nano-probe based instrumentation methods for high-frequency integrated circuit and materials characterization; novel computational electromagnetics algorithms; and studying the theoretical limits of abnormal wave propagation in negative refractive index media and experimental demonstration at microwave frequency.

Recent Publications (last ten years):
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